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Body Care

Anti-cellulite endomassageanti-cellulite massage oil + massage cup

The experts of Lirene Science Laboratory, inspired by the effects of pressure massage offered by beauty salons, created a unique home anti-cellulite massage set. The massage utilises a Chinese cup and contributes to decreased visibility of cellulite, making it possible to shape the silhouette and accelerating lymphatic drainage, which cleanses the body of toxins.

Active ingredients:


  • The Slim Pro complex

    contains extract from Tisochrysis lutea algae. It activates the process of lipolysis (the breakdown of fat in fat tissue), transforming inactive fat cells (white adipocytes) into active ones (beige adipocytes), which accelerate fat burning

  • Argan, rice and soy oils

    nurture the skin, providing intensive moisturising, smoothing and leaving it soft to the touch

  • thigh circumference reduction up to 2 cm after 4 weeks**

  • reduction of the degree of skin irregularity by 19% after just 2 weeks of use*

  • slimming effect in 77% of respondents**

  • *Instrumental measurements of skin smoothness and elasticity were performed using Courage-Khazaka Electronic GmbH device.

  • **After 4 weeks of use in a group of 26 persons.

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