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Body Care

Anti-cellulite Lipo-massage treatmenthand massager + anti-cellulite mask body fat reducer

A specialist set for home anti-cellulite lipo-massage which accelerates fat tissue degradation, providing lipolysis effect and decreased visibility of cellulite. An anti-cellulite massage, adequately performed using anti-cellulite mask and hand massager, has detoxicating and firming effects. The massager supports the breakup of fat tissue and accelerates the absorption of active ingredients by the skin. Regular use of the massage set improves skin appearance and effectively contributes to losing weight and fighting cellulite.

Active ingredients:


  • Ultra-modelling Cellular Activator

    stimulates burning of fat tissue, which results in modelling and slimming of the silhouette with decreased cellulite visibility

  • Re-Hydro Protect complex

    ensures intensive moisturising and restores firmness and elasticity of the skin

  • Vitamin E as well as rice and babassu oils

    actively contribute to skin regeneration, restoring its smoothness and softness

  • fat tissue content reduction up to 5.9%*

  • skin firmness improvement up to 49%*

  • improved microcirculation in the skin — 88%**

  • cellulite reduction — 73%**

  • skin smoothing — 94%**

  • *Instrumental measurements of skin smoothness and elasticity were performed using Courage-Khazaka Electronic GmbH device. The percentage fat tissue content in the body was measured instrumentally.

  • **In vivo test in a group of 27 persons after 2 weeks of use.

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