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Body Care

Anti-cellulite Mesotherapybody shape remodeller

Body shape remodeller was inspired by the needless mesotherapy treatment performed in professional beauty salons, which fights anti-cellulite, smoothing and firming properties. It reduces skin irregularities and models the silhouette.

Active ingredients:


  • Cellu Out - extract from Tisochrysis lutea algae

    increases skin temperature, activating the process responsible for thermogenesis (fat burning), and converts inactive white adipocytes into active beige adipocytes

  • Rich in vitamins E and F, Shea butter

    moisturize and nourish the skin

  • Reduction of the degree of skin irregularity by 14% after just 2 weeks of use*

  • Thigh circumference reduction up to 3 cm after 2 weeks** and up to 5.7 cm after 8 weeks***!

  • Waist circumference reduction up to 3.7 cm after 4 weeks** and up to 5 cm after 8 weeks***

  • Fat tissue content reduction by 6.7% after 2 weeks of use*!

  • *Instrumental measurements of skin smoothness and elasticity were performed using Courage-Khazaka Electronic GmbH instrumentation. The percentage fat tissue content in the body was measured instrumentally.

  • **After 4 weeks of use in a group of 25 persons.

  • ***In vitro tests of the effects of the Cellu Out ingredient at a concentration of 3%.

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