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Body Care

Regenerating body balmfor dry skin

Balm effectively regenerates and nourishes the skin, restoring its comfort, thanks to a specialised lipid formula. The creamy consistency ensures pleasant spreading and quick absorption of the cosmetic. The ingredients of the formula provide effective skin care, contributing to the process of 100% regeneration.

Active ingredients:


  • Lipid formula with peach oil

    rebuilds and enhances the natural lipid coating of the skin

  • Olive wax with allantoin

    replenishes nutrient deficits, reducing the sensation of tenseness and roughness

  • GlucoPRO

    ensures binding and long-term maintaining of water in the epidermis, which restores its elasticity

  • HydroPROTECT complex

    leaves the skin soft and velvety to the touch

  • Regeneration and nourishing of dry skin

  • Restoration of hydration and comfort