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Body Care

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Lirene coconut salt peeling combines effective body care with a coconut delight for the senses. The fine-grain formula gently, but at the same time thoroughly, cleanses the body while the aroma of exotic coconuts brings leisure and relaxation, lingering on the skin for a long time.

Active ingredients:


  • Salt particles

    exfoliate and refresh the skin, providing smoothing and a beautiful, healthy colour.

  • Glicerinum Purum

    provides an optimum dose of moisturising, leaving a feeling of silky smoothness and firmness of the skin.

  • Smoothing* — 100%

  • Skin soft to the touch — 100%

  • Refreshment — 93%

  • Long-lasting aroma — 93%

  • *IN VIVO test after 1 application.

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