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Body Care

Tan maximizerafter sun

Tan maximizer contains a composition of active nutrients that ensure extremely pleasant and effective care of a tanned body. The balm’s formula is rich in light-reflecting golden particles, which give the skin a radiant look. It leaves the skin velvety and silky soft to the touch, beautifully enhancing the natural tan colour.

Active ingredients:


  • SunTan™

    helps to keep the suntan for longer and intensifies the natural tone of the tan

  • Allantoin

    soothes irritations caused by sun exposure

  • Olive wax and red grape leaf extract

    effectively moisturize the skin and protect it from moisture loss

  • combination of vitamins E and C with the Glucam®

    imparts a subtle golden glow to the skin

  • intensifies and preserves the natural tone of the tan

  • gives the skin a lovely golden hue

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