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Body Care

Flower Collection Сrystal shower geloriental magnolia

Allow yourself to enjoy skincare and a relaxing moment under the shower. Oriental Magnolia crystal shower gel not only nourishes the body, but also soothes the senses. Its delightful flowery sfragrance wraps the body with an oriental scent, keeping you in a perfect mood all day long.

Active ingredients:


  • Oriental magnolia flower essence

    smoothes and moisturizes, as well as, protects the skin from drying out

  • Gentle exfoliating particles

    enable the cosmetic to cleanse and refresh the epidermis effectively, making the skin smoother and softer to the touch day by day

  • Rice proteins

    help maintain adequate hydration level of the skin

  • skin care under shower

  • sensual scent of oriental magnolia

  • skin moisturizing

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