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Body Care

Hand Care Nourishing Oil serumfor hands, cuticles and nails 

Nourishing oil serum for hands, cuticles and nails intensively moisturizes and smoothes the skin. It is quickly absorbed, leaving a delicate, non-greasy protective layer, which stays on even after several hand washes. The serum softens the cuticles and perfectly nourishes the nails, making tchem visibly stronger.

Active ingredients:


  • 3.5% oil complex (argan and babassu oil)

    eliminate dryness, roughness and chipping, leaving the hands soft and delicate for a longer time

  • Shea butter

    regenerates and soothes irritation

  • hand, cuticle and nail care

  • intensive smoothing and moisturising of the skin

  • elimination of dryness

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