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Hydrolipid sun protection face cream with IR protectionSPF 50

The most recent studies on the harmfulness of radiation point to negative effects of infrared (IR) radiation on the skin. IR enhances the negative effects of UVA and UVB radiation and causes inflammatory changes through production of free radicals, which have a direct effect on the skin cells. The visible symptoms include discolourations, reddening, erythema and wrinkles. That is why the team of female experts of Lirene Scientific Research Laboratory created a hydrolipid protective cream which ensures comprehensive care and advances photoprotection of the skin, at the same time helping to shield it from the effects of infrared radiation.

Active ingredients:


  • photostable UVA and UVB filters

    effectively protect the skin from the harmful effects of sun exposure, and absorb or reflect sunrays from the surface of the skin

  • IR Complex

    enhances the hydrolipid barrier, exhibiting soothing effects and protecting DNA inside the cells. By quenching the activity of substances that destroy supporting fibres in the skin, it helps alleviate the negative effects of IR radiation

  • vitamin E and golden algae extract

    activate the process of intensive renewal and regeneration of skin cells damaged by radiation

  • Allantoin

    regenerates the epidermis and alleviates irritation caused by sun exposure, giving tanned skin a healthy look

  • 96% — protects the skin from sunburns

  • 85% — soothes irritation and reddening

  • 89% — moisturises the skin and protects it from drying out

  • *IN VIVO test on a group of 27 women after 2 weeks of use

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