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Body Care

LACTIMA DUO EVERYDAYmicellar physiological intimate hygiene gel

Hygiene wash designed for active women who need effective everyday care and long-lasting refreshment of the intimate areas. Thanks to the innovative DUO COMPLEX of micelles and lactic acid, it gently washes and provides effective and long-lasting refreshment.

Active ingredients:


  • The betaine-based complex of mild washing substances

    provides effective cleaning, giving a long-lasting feeling of freshness and cleanliness

  • Lactic acid

    helps restore a natural, acidic pH of the intimate areas. It contributes to everyday protection from infections and inhibits the grown of bacteria responsible for an unpleasant smell. It prevents drying out and irritation of the mucosa

  • Aloe and glycerin

    thanks to their moisturising and soothing qualities, help alleviate irritation and ensure the comfort of optimally moisturised skin

  • 93% — gently washes

  • 93% — refreshes

  • 82% — provides a feeling of comfort all day long

  • *IN VIVO test — assessment after 2 weeks of use

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