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Body Care

LACTIMA DUO FORTE+therapeutic intimate hygiene wash 

Hygiene gel designed for everyday care and hygiene of the intimate areas in women susceptible to irritation and infections. The fluid contains the innovative DUO COMPLEX of lactic acid and prebiotic, which helps reduce inflammation and reddening.

Active ingredients:


  • Natural prebiotic

    stimulates restoration of the physiological bacterial microflora, soothing irritation and bringing relief from itching and burning. It provides long-term protection from recurrence of irritation and decreases risk of intimate area infections

  • Lactic acid

    helps restore a natural, acidic pH of the intimate areas, ensuring adequate antifungal protection and microbiological balance

  • Glycerin

    protects the mucosa from drying out

  • 100% — soothes irritation

  • 100% — reduces tendency to irritation

  • 80% — reduces burning sensation

  •  *IN VIVO test — assessment after 2 weeks of use

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