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Body Care

LACTIMA DUO SENSITIVE moisturising-protective intimate hygiene gel 

Hygiene wash delicately washes, providing effective cleansing and optimum moisturising of skin in the intimate areas. It is especially recommended for women feeling increased discomfort and dryness of skin in the intimate areas, associated with hormonal fluctuations.

Active ingredients:


  • Chamomile extract

    alleviates hypersensitivity of the intimate areas and helps strengthen the physiological hydrolipid barrier of the skin, decreasing its susceptibility to irritation and reddening

  • Lactic acid

    helps restore a natural, acidic pH of the intimate areas, ensuring adequate antifungal protection and microbiological balance

  • Betaine

    provides the skin with an optimum dose of moisture during washing, softening the epidermis and decreasing discomfort caused by dryness

  • 97% — gently washes

  • 93% — refreshes

  • 69% — provides a feeling of comfort all day long

  •  *IN VIVO test — assessment after 1 week of use

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