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Body Care

Mom-to-be Firming oil for body and bustagainst stretch marks

Firming body and bust oil against stretch marks is a cosmetic that helps the skin regain adequate elasticity and tension, preventing formation of stretch marks. The oil nourishes the skin, prevents development of stretch marks, diminishes visibility of existing stretch marks, restores elasticity and firmness, and decreases the feeling of skin tension on the breasts.

Active ingredients:


  • Almond oil

    contributes to improved skin moisturizing by smoothing and nourishing the epidermis

  • Golden algae

    promotes collagen production in the skin, diminishing the visibility of existing stretch marks

  • Vitamin E

    protects collagen fibres and prevents skin from drying out

  • prevention of stretch mark formation

  • reduced visibility of existing stretch marks

  • bust skin care

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