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Body Care

Mineral Collection Multi-regenerating body balmfor dry skin

Body balm is enriched with Dead Sea minerals, which have been well-known and appreciated for their regenerating properties for thousands of years. They contain precious elements: bromine, potassium, magnesium, iodine. The rich formula of the balm moisturizes and nourishes dry and very dry skin, leaving a protective film on the skin, which helps to prevent future moisture loss.

Active ingredients:


  • Dead Sea minerals

    promote long-lasting repair and strengthening of the epidermal barrier, ensuring multi-level regeneration and soothing

  • Microcapsules with vitamin E

    protect the biological activity and cosmetic properties of vitamin E, which is released upon application

  • CalmProtect complex

    provides smooth and velvety soft skin

  • long-term nourishing of dry skin

  • restoring epidermal barrier

  • intensive skin care

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