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Body Care

Anti-cellulite Warming BandagesModeling Therapy for abdomen, thighs and buttocks

Excessive fat tissue and cellulite are a problem of many women in various age. That is why the team of Lirene women-experts developed a professional warming anti-cellulite treatment in the form of impregnated bandages. The treatment activates enzymatic burning of lipids in fat tissue cells, tensing and modeling skin on the body.

Active ingredients:


  • The unique Slim Up complex

    through action targeted at improvement of microcirculation, slims and models the silhouette. It helps remove excessive water and toxins from the body, markedly reducing the visibility of cellulite and leaving the skin moisturised and smooth to the touch

  • Equisetum arvense

    regenerates and strengthens connective tissue

  • Caffeine and L-carnitine

    activate thermogenesis and fat burning, which helps reduce the thickness of fat tissue under the skin

  • thigh circumference reduction up to 3 cm*

  • skin smoothing — 83%**

  • improved microcirculation in the skin — 75%**

  • increased firmness and improved tension of the skin — 92%**

  • *Instrumental measurements of skin smoothness and elasticity using Courage-Khazaka Electronic GmbH device. The percentage fat tissue content in the body was measured instrumentally.

  • **In vivo test in a group of 24 persons

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