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No dark circlesilluminating eye area concealer

The illuminating, nurturing formula of the concealer brightens the skin under the eyes, giving it a healthy, rested look. The corrector optically blends with the skin and looks very natural. Suitable for the sensitive skin around the eyes.

Active ingredients:


  • składniki aktywne

    help improve microcirculation in the skin, which leads to reduction of dark circles and swelling under the eyes.

  • Proteins

    an especially valuable ingredient for the thinner skin around the eyes, make the corrector provide additional smoothing and moisturising.

  • 100% — adds radiance and glow to the skin,

  • 100% — the skin looks healthy and rested

  • 93% — visibly reduces dark circles under the eyes,

  • 79% — reduces swelling under the eyes

  • 100% — provides velvet-like application and subtle coverage. .

  • *IN VIVO test, assessment in a group of women after 2 weeks of use.

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