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No Mask foundationfoundation and serum in one


Ultra-light, long-lasting No Mask liquid foundation provides a perfect look of the complexion all day long. Its light, liquid consistency makes the fluid seamlessly blend with the skin, giving the make-up a fresh and natural look without overburdening the skin.

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Active ingredients:


  • Hyaluronic acid

    moisturises the skin, making the complexion look healthy and radiant.

  • The smoothing complex

    provides adequate tension of the skin as well as its protection and regeneration.

  • 93% — natural look of make-up, with no mask effect

  • 70% — skin moisturising and smoothing

  • 70% — a perfect look of the complexion all day long

  • 85% — colour levelling and concealment of blemishes.

  • 96% — satin and smooth complexion effect

  • *IN VIVO test, assessment in a group of women after 2 weeks of use.

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