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No PoresMattifying Base

The base decreases the visibility of dilated pores and absorbs excessive sebum, which allows the matting effect last for as long as 12 hours! It intensively smooths the skin and prolongs make-up durability. Its light, greaseless consistency facilitates application and leaves a feeling of comfort on the skin. Suitable for greasy and mixed complexion.

Active ingredients:


  • Pore Minimizing Oligo-complex

    reduces pore visibility and regulates sebum secretion which, when combined with microsponges, ensures a long-lasting matting effect.

  • Sweet almond proteins

    nourish and smooth the skin.

  • 87% — effectively matts the skin, absorbing excessive sebum

  • 53% — reduces the visibility of dilated pores and blemishes

  • 80% — provides intensive smoothing of the skin, giving it a velvety feel

  • 73% — prolongs make-up durability

  • 83% — the light consistency makes the skin feel comfortable

  • *IN VIVO test, assessment in a group of women after 2 weeks of use.

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