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Stay Coverlong-lasting covering foundation

Unique foundation formula with craberry and diosmin:

• precise coverage of imperfections and redness

• long-lasting coverage for up to 20h!

• capillary skin care


Active ingredients:


  • Cranberry extract

    has beneficial effect on the sensitive and capillary skin, preventing dilated capillaries

  • Microsponges

    absorb excess sebum on the skin, leaving a matte finish

  • Diosmin

    has beneficial effect on blood vessels, preventing them from breaking

  • Provides perfect skin tone 78%*

  • Precisely covers imperfections - capillaries, discolorations, wrinkles 93%*

  • Long-lasting coverge 85%*

  • Provides the skin with a delicate matte effect 96%*

  • Eliminates signs of fatigue, skin looks healthy and rested 81%*

  • Doesn't dry out the skin 74%*

  • *IN VIVO test on a group of 27 women after 2 weeks of product use

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Stay Cover