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Skin Care

Hydro Moisturizing Ultra moisturizing cream with vitamin Eday and night cream, for dry and sensitive skin

Ultra moisturizing cream is especially recommended for dry and sensitive skin. The lightweight texture of the cream provides comfortable application and fast absorption. The cream intensively moisturizes, nourishes, regenerates the skin and effectively reduces wrinkles. The skin becomes firm, elastic and soft to touch.

Active ingredients:


  • White water lily flower

    provides intensive hydration for 24h

  • Active encapsulated vitamin E

    fills the skin with freshness and energy, reduces wrinkles and provides antibacterial effect. Capsules keep vitamin E in a more active and effective state

  • Lutein from calendula

    nourishes, stimulates regeneration by neutralizing free radicals and effectively protects the skin

  • 96% deep and intensive hydration*

  • 72% duration of hydration effect is up to 24h*

  • 100% renewal and regeneration of the skin*

  • *Evaluations of the group of women in an IN VIVO test after 4 weeks of use

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