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Skin Care

HyaluroSOFT Hydra-comfort gentle creamday and night cream, for normal and delicate skin

Cream provides effective face care with active molecules of hyaluronic acid, designed for normal and sensitive complexion. Skin becomes soft to the touch, smooth, well moisturized and nourished, looks fresh and rested.

Active ingredients:


  • Active molecules of hyaluronic acid

    create a protective barrier on the skin and lock moisture into the epidermis, enhancing transportation of active ingredients, skin regeneration, renewing the collagen fibers

  • Vitamin E

    has regenerating properties, improves skin elasticity

  • Shea Butter

    protects and softens, nourishes and smooths the skin

  • 89% skin is soft to the touch*

  • 85% nourished skin*

  • 63% fresh and rested skin*

  • *IN VIVO test in a group of women after 2 weeks of product use

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