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Skin Care

Folacin DUO Expert Perfectly smoothing anti-wrinkle eye creamrecommended for age 40+ 50+

Innovation! Women experts from the Lirene Science Laboratory have developed a FOLACIN + proTELOMER™ complex for double protection of the skin DNA from aging. Ultra intense anti-wrinkle eye cream has been created for the face care of the skin aged 40+. The cream is perfect for daily day and night use for the skin around the eyes.

Active ingredients:


  • Folic acid

    protects coding DNA sequences, affecting reduction in the quantity and depth of wrinkles and repair of cells damaged with age


    protects the ends of the chromosomal DNA (telomeres), activates repair functions of cells and helps to preserve youth of the skin for a longer period of time

  • Vitamin E

    has antioxidant properties, rejuvenates the skin

  • Shea butter and peach stone oil

    nourish and smooth the skin

  • Wheat proteins and Shea butter

    nourish the skin

  • 78% - reduces the number of wrinkles*

  • 85% smooths and nourishes the skin in the eye area*

  • 67% removes dark circles under eyes*

  • *IN VIVO test on a group of 29 women after 4 weeks of use

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