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Skin Care

Healthy Skin+ Anti-redness smoothing creamday and night cream, for reddened skin with dilated capillaries

Anti-redness smoothing cream combines active complexes, carefully chosen for reddened and capillary skin, targeted to fight the causes and signs of skin redness. The cream reduces redness and blush, intensively recovers the skin and reduces irritations, smoothes out the wrinkles.

Active ingredients:


  • Diosmin

    restores, strengthens blood vessels, reduces redness

  • Cranberry extract

    prevents vasodilatation and restores skin structure

  • Shea butter

    softens, nourishes and smoothes.

  • 70% reduction of redness*

  • Irritations calmed

  • Capillaries strengthened

  • *IN VIVO test in a group of women after product use

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