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Skin Care

Healthy Skin+ Normalizing mattifying creamday and night cream, for oily skin with imperfections

Normalizing mattifying cream has selection of active complexes, carefully chosen for oily skin, targeted to fight the causes and signs of skin imperfections. Skin becomes hydrated and soothed, has no greasy shine, looks healthy.

Active ingredients:


  • Matting micro sponges

    absorb sebum and provide matting effect

  • Algae, rich in amino acids and vitamins

    tone, moisturize and prevent moisture loss, smooth the wrinkles and stimulates collagen production

  • Allantoin

    soothes and stimulates the regeneration of skin cells

  • 93% matte skin effect*

  • imperfections reduced

  • skin color improvement

  • *IN VIVO test in a group of women after product use

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Healthy Skin+