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Skin Care

HyaluroAGE Smoothing hydra-firming cream day and night cream, all skin types

Cream provides effective face care with active molecules of hyaluronic acid, designed for all complexion types with first signs of aging. Skin becomes moisturized, regenerated and smoothed, elasticity is improved, epidermis is protected from moisture loss and aging, skin is refreshed and soft to the touch.

Active ingredients:


  • Active molecules of hyaluronic acid

    create a protective barrier on the skin and lock moisture into the epidermis, enhancing transportation of active ingredients, skin regeneration and renewal of collagen fibers

  • Folic acid

    improves skin firmness and protects from new wrinkles appearance

  • Vitamin E

    regenerates the skin, increases its elasticity

  • Filter SPF 6

    protects the skin from UVA and UVB radiation

  • 89% deep moisturizing*

  • 82% skin nourishing*

  • 79% improved firmness*

  • *IN VIVO test in a group of women after product use

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