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Skin Care

Physio-micellar cleansing gelfor all skin types

Gel is a non-foaming, extra-mild gel formula for effective face and eyes cleansing. Can be used as cleansing gel (with water) or micellar solution and toner (without water). Refreshing gel texture with micelles helps to accelerate and improve the efficiency of cleansing, while preserving a natural pH of the skin. Gel doesn’t overdry the skin, minimizes the risk of irritation. Physio-micellar cleansing gel effectively cleanses, preserves natural skin pH, hydrates, softens, smooths.

Active ingredients:


  • Cleansing micelles

    effectively cleanse the skin from all impurities and remove make-up

  • Mango wax

    softens and moisturizes

  • D-panthenol

    D-panthenol soothes irritations and smooths the skin

  • Effective cleansing from all impurities

  • Softening

  • Soothing

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