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Skin Care

Youth Formula Lifting and nourishing creamday cream, recommended for age 55+

Innovation! Wrinkle smoothing effect close to esthetic medicine injections thanks to non-invasive proBTS3 complex in new generation of Youth Formula cosmetics. Lifting and nourishing day cream provides 100% INSTANT LIFTING AND REDUCTION OF VISIBLE WRINKLES**. It is recommended for women aged 55.

Active ingredients:


  • Innovative proBTS3 complex

    delivers an instant skin-tightening effect by creating a multidimensional mesh on the skin — 100 % instant LIFTING** and reduction of visible wrinkles

  • Phytosqualene

    replenishes the deficiency of lipids and plays an essential role in maintaining the good condition of the skin and its protection. It also rejuvenates the skin and improves its elasticity

  • Pearl particles

    provide «blur» effect — optical perfectioning

  • 100% skin tightness improved after the 1st application*

  • 93% intensive hydration of the skin*

  • skin smoothing up to 41%**

  • reduction of wrinkle depth up to 37%**

  • *Evaluations of 27 women in an IN VIVO test after 4 weeks of use

  • **Biometric tests in the Lirene Scientific Research Laboratory

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