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Skin Care

Retinol D-Forte Pro-lifting cream reducing wrinklesday cream, recommended for age 50+

Women experts from the Lirene Science Laboratory have developed a special complex with BIO-retinol, coenzyme Q10 and vitamin Dpro for multi-level skin rejuvenation guaranteeing excellent results. Day cream Retinol D-Forte is especially designed for women aged 50+ to protect their skin from aging. The cream shows excellent effects: long-lasting lifting effect, protection of collagen and elastin, skin moisturizing and brigtening. As a result, the skin looks significantly younger.

Active ingredients:


  • Stabilized BIO-retinol

    strengthens the collagen and elastin fibres and stimulates skin regeneration processes. Helps restore skin softness and elasticity

  • Unique vitamin Dpro

    protects hydro-lipid barrier, providing smoothness and radiance of the skin

  • Coenzyme Q10

    prevents collagen and elastin fibres from degradation. Improves cell repair and regeneration processes which contribute to the skin firmness and elasticity

  • OptiMoist complex

    restores optimal level of skin hydration

  • SnowCristals complex

    brighten the epidermis, optically smooth the skin surface, providing radiant and youthful look

    • Lifting effect up to 8 hours!*

    • 76% nourishing**

    •  93% smoothing**

  • *Evaluations of the group of women in an IN VIVO test immediately after application

  • **Evaluations of the group of women in an IN VIVO test after 4 weeks of use

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