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Skin Care

Retinol D-Forte Redefining and firming creamday cream, recommended for age 60+

Women experts from the Lirene Science Laboratory have developed a special complex with Microretinol, BIO-elastin and vitamin Dpro for multi-level skin rejuvenation guaranteeing excellent results. Day cream Retinol D-Forte is specially designed for women aged 60+ to protect their skin from aging. The cream shows excellent effects: face oval remodeling, increased elasticity and firmness, long-lasting smoothing and hydration. As a result, the skin looks significantly younger.

Active ingredients:


  • Active microretinol and vitamin D

    ensure significant rejuvenation. Active ingredients stimulate the skin on a cell level, regenerating the face oval and reducing wrinkles

  • BIO-elastin

    mimics the proteins of the dermis, providing strong firming and anti-wrinkle effect

  • MultiMoist complex

    moisturizes and mimics the hydrolipid layer of the epidermis, ensuring rehydration and smooth skin

  • ProLift

    based on red algae extract, creates a micro-net on skin surface, providing lifting effect

  • Lifting effect up to 8 hours!*

  • 64% reduced visibility of "crow's feet" **

  • 86% long-term skin smoothing**

  • *Evaluations of the group of women in an IN VIVO test immediately after application

  • **Evaluations of the group of women in an IN VIVO test after 4 weeks of use

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Retinol D – Forte