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Skin Care

Moisture and nourishment Rich nourishing cream day and night cream, with smoothing almond oil

Nourishing cream with almond oil was designed for daily care of skin aged 35+. This excellent cream with a rich nourishing texture will make your skin smooth, more dense and elastic, optimally hydrated and look younger. It is perfect for daily care and as a base for make-up.

Active ingredients:


  • Almond oil

    softens, smooths and revitalizes the skin

  • Complex of vitamins A, C and E

    smooths and prevents wrinkles

  • Revitalizing ceramides

    restore the skin’s natural lipid barrier

  • 93% reduction of wrinkles*

  • 93% nourishment and hydration*

  • 89% regeneration of the skin’s smoothness*

  • *Evaluations of the group of women in an IN VIVO test after 4 weeks of use

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