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Skin Care

Nourishing winter CreamSPF 20

Cream effectively protects the skin against wind, frost, sudden temperature changes as well as UV radiation and free radicals. The waterproof properties of the cream ensure effectiveness even when it snows or rains. Skin becomes elastic and smooth, it is perfectly protected against external factors during winter.

Active ingredients:


  • Echinacea extract

    improves the skin’s immunity to external factors

  • Vitamin E

    stimulates natural defense and regeneration

  • Alantoin and Passion Flower oil

    soothe reddening and irritations

  • SPF 20 filter

    provides protection against sun radiation

  • 100% protects the skin*

  • 96% soothes the skin*

  • 98% regenerates, smooths and nourishes*

  • *IN VIVO test in a group of women after product use

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