About Lirene

Innovations created by women for women

Lirene brand is created by a team of women-experts, who gather knowledge from their individual experiences. They follow their passion for discovery - leading complex research and creating innovative cosmetic formulas, in order to help women feel and look even more beautiful. Female scientists at Lirene Science Laboratory are women just like us - busy, hectic, valuing every moment they can spend with family or pursuing their hobbies. At the same time they are world-class experts - biologists, technologists and dermatologists. They acquire knowledge and experience through international congresses and conferences and through complex studies carried out jointly with leading scientific centers, as well as through daily observations and conversations with mothers, sisters and friends. Every day they follow the trends and make new discoveries, to create unique and effective cosmetics - for other women as well as for themselves.



Lirene cosmetics are practical innovations

Innovations for women seeking effective cosmetics to meet their skin needs. Rich offer allows you to choose the right dermoprogram depending on age and skintype. Lirene cosmetics help to create a quick, natural make-up, instantly firm the skin of the body, "tan your legs" in a few minutes or smooth out wrinkles with a lifting cream. They are just ... innovative ideas for beauty!


About Lirene

Our achievements

  • Lirene has been one of the first brands in the world to use folic acid in anti-aging cosmetics.
  • Lirene Science Laboratory has been awarded the world class PATENT for the formula "thioproline + rosmarinic acid".
  • Lirene Science Laboratory conducts innovative research using atom probe microscopy (skin cells) and thermal camera (anti-cellulite cosmetics).


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Innovative use of folic acid

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