Looking after the environment

Looking after nature is particularly important to us. We want future generations to enjoy the beauty and safety of a clean environment. This is why we design our processes and products responsibly, paying attention to their ecological aspects.

Take care of our planet with us.


We are changing the process of developing new cosmetics so that they are as environmentally friendly as possible:

  • We are replacing the packaging of our products with more environmentally-friendly options
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  • ECOCERT: in 2019 we launched our first Ecocert-certified products. It guarantees that our products and their ingredients are produced in a manner respectful for the environment.
  • 98% of the raw materials we use for our cosmetics are vegan. The other 2%, which are sustainably sourced (e.g. honey, wax), give the products a more pleasant application, durability and safety.
  • 130 raw materials are certified by Ecocert.
  • We are conserving non-renewable resources.

Changing habits

We consciously select the raw materials for our cosmetics:

  • those produced by physical processes (such as extraction, grinding, pressing) do not have a negative impact on the environment, whereas materials produced by chemical processing are manufactured in line with the principles of green chemistry;
  • some extracts are derived from plants grown in biotechnological laboratories, which are neutral to natural ecosystems;
  • Lirene products do not contain plastic peeling microbeads, which are hazardous to the aquatic environment;
  • in the spirit of less waste, in some of our cosmetics we use fruit water, which is a by-product of juice production for the food industry.

Renewable energy sources

  • Our production and office are powered by renewable electricity (green energy), which has reduced the organisation’s carbon footprint by 3,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions compared to previous years.
  • In 2019, the producer of the Lirene brand received a certificate for contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions by an additional 258 tonnes.

Processes and technologies

  • We use modern machinery and technology, thus reducing energy and raw material waste.
  • Since 2000 we have been certified to meet the environmental management standard ISO 14001.
  • Before discharging industrial wastewater into the external sewer system, we treat it at our own sub-treatment plant.

We love animals

  • Respect for animal rights is important to us.
  • We ourselves do not test, have never tested and have never commissioned animal testing to companies that work with us. For all raw materials used in production we have the manufacturer’s declaration of non-animal testing.
  • We have received the “Cruelty Free” certificate from the international organization PETA, and we are also on the list of companies not testing on animals of the “Happy Rabbit” Association.
  • On our vegan products you will find the Vegan Society certificate or the “Vegan / vegan product” label.