Environmentally-friendly packaging

We attach great importance to selection of environmentally-friendly packaging. When starting to design new products, our team assesses the environmental impact of each package, responsibly selecting the material, weight, capacity and decoration. We are constantly working on new solutions and implementing further rules to select the right packaging to be as friendly to the planet as possible.


Already 92% of our packaging is recyclable (Q2 2020).
Our packaging contains up to 30% of post-consumer recycled material.

Less plastic

We reduce the weight and optimise the volume of the packaging and do not use additional cellophane protection for our cartons. These solutions made it possible to reduce plastic consumption by 2.3 tonnes in the first quarter of 2020 alone.

Bioplastic packaging

For new projects we try to choose packaging made from renewable raw materials such as sugar cane, bamboo and cotton.

Innovative packaging solutions

An example of such activities is the “I am Eco” line based on the concept of exchangeable cream refills.

FSC cardboard

We use cardboard made from material from well-managed forests with the FSC certificate as well as recycled materials. This means that the raw material for the paper was sustainably harvested – for every tree felled, a new one was planted.

Recycled cardboard

Some products are packaged in recycled cardboard boxes.


As part of the logistic process we recover and reuse cardboard packaging and packaging films from deliveries of packaging and raw materials.


We conduct joint research with scientific institutions on the use of biodegradable and natural raw materials in packaging.