Beautiful feet for summer


Summer is a time when we often wear open shoes, or walk barefoot on the beach or at outdoor swimming pools. Beautiful and well-looked-after feet make us feel comfortable and beautiful. How should you look after your feet in summer and keep them looking amazing irrespective of the season?

How should you take care of the skin on your feet to make it beautiful, soft and smooth? A few simple care rituals will help you get and maintain lovely feet.

Many people struggle with the problem of calloused skin on the feet, excessive sweating and corns from abnormal foot anatomy, or simply uncomfortable and poorly chosen footwear. In summer, there are also frequent abrasions from wearing new, open shoes, or rubbing of the skin from sand in your shoes after visiting a beach.

Well-groomed feet and smooth heels

The recipe for healthy and beautiful feet is, first and foremost, the basic treatment for these areas – exfoliation of dead skin cells. Removing keratinised skin from the feet helps maintain a feeling of freshness, softness and light walking, while at the same time reducing the risk of corns. You don't need expensive podiatry treatments and pedicures at beauty salons to remove calluses from the feet. Smooth Feet – Exfoliating Socks – a professional treatment for home use developed by experts at the Lirene Scientific Laboratory allows you to remove dead skin cells and look after your feet at home.

The foot treatment is a mask with a formula that exfoliates dead skin. This process takes place with the help of fruit acids and enzymes, without the need for mechanical buffing. The mask comes in the form of ready-made socks drenched in an exfoliating product. For seven to ten days after treatment, skin cells are exfoliated and regenerated, the skin becomes smoother, hardened skin comes off, and corns are reduced.

For feet that desperately need smoothing, for example, if you have dry or cracked skin on your heels, the product. This treatment was also developed as socks with a foot mask, but using a two-phase formula with an enzymatic scrub that you apply before putting on the sock mask. The scrub removes dead skin cells and prepares the feet for better absorption of the regenerating ingredients in the mask. The rejuvenating sock mask instantly eliminates roughness, reduces cracking and chapping of the epidermis, and restores softness and smoothness to your feet. The natural ground nut shells, apricot kernels and papaya enzyme smoothe and stimulate skin regeneration, while the macadamia oil, 3% urea and shea butter look after your feet, nourish and smoothe them, protecting against rubbing and dryness.

Well-looked-after feet mean convenience, comfort and a beautiful look not only for summer, but all year round.