Face care

Face care

The face is the most characteristic and recognizable part of our body. We recognize a person by their face, and our emotions, personality, and mood are visible on our face. Thanks to facial expressions, we can communicate without words.

Facial care is a very important procedure that should be a part of the daily routine. Well-groomed, healthy facial skin makes us look good and thanks to it, others find us pleasant and trustworthy. At work, on social occasions and in matters of love, the appearance of our face is essential. And this is not about facial features, as beauty is a matter of taste – a well-groomed person will always be seen as more attractive and trustworthy than someone whose skin has signs of fatigue and neglect.

Appropriate facial care consists, above all, in proper hydration, oiling, nutrition and protection from external factors such as wind, cold, and ultraviolet radiation which destroys collagen fibers and is responsible for aging processes. Winter sunlight also has a negative effect on the skin, which is why all year protection of the face against UV rays is important.

Facial care means that the face has to be regularly cleansed. However, it is not about washing the skin with soap, which dries it and destroys its natural hydrolipidic protective barrier. It is best to wash your face with special, dermatologically developed gels or liquids that are suitable for your particular skin type. Acne skin will require different care and washing than dry, mixed or oily skin, while aging or vascular skin will have completely different needs.

In addition to regular washing with gel, it is worth applying a scrub to exfoliate dead epidermis several times a week, the extra benefit of which is deep cleansing of facial skin – fine-grained scrub.

You should use specially designed preparations to remove make-up, so as not to leave on the face any remains of color cosmetics which burden the skin and block the pores, causing bacteria to multiply on the skin.

Facial care should also include the skin of the neck and cleavage, so often omitted in daily care, and on which the signs of skin aging are particularly visible when these areas are neglected. Moisturizing, anti-wrinkle and firming creams adequate for the age should be used even as early as in your twenties to avoid premature aging of the skin and maintain young and well-groomed appearance for longer.

The basic facial care is perfectly complemented by cleansing, moisturizing and lifting masks, concentrated serums and protective creams used when skin is in contact with frost, wind or strong sunlight.

Lirene facial care products contain dermatologically tested ingredients which were developed specifically to address the needs of each skin type. Comprehensive facial care with Lirene products and regular application of cosmetics adapted to each skin type will allow you to enjoy healthy skin for many years.

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