Sun protection

Sunshine is a source of vital energy. It stimulates plants and other organisms to life and participates in the process of vitamin D production by the body, which is necessary to live and maintain good health and mental condition.

However, direct exposure to solar radiation is not beneficial for the skin. UVA radiation accelerates the skin aging process, destroys collagen fibers, which, when weakened – result in the appearance of wrinkles and loss of skin firmness. UVB radiation concentrates in the top layers of the epidermis, causing sunburn, irritation and erythema.

Solar radiation can also contribute to burns and skin cancers. This does not mean, however, that it is necessary to give up the beach and stop enjoying beautiful tan. Suitable protective cosmetics allow enjoying holiday fun, protecting the skin from the negative effects of UV radiation.

Melanin, a pigment found in the skin, protects it naturally from sunlight. It is melanin that produces tan. Excessive exposure to strong sunlight may, however, cause skin burns leading to cell damage and irritation. Regular excessive exposure of the skin to the sun may weaken it, cause excessive dryness, permanent discoloration, and a tendency to allergies.

The skin of young children, which is at the stage of forming its natural protective barrier, is the most sensitive to solar radiation. Sun protection products for children should contain sunscreens with high SPF (SPF 50+) and ingredients preventing skin dryness. Lirene Kids SPF 50+ milk with waterproof formula fulfils its function perfectly during holiday fun on the beach or swimming pool. Thanks to the delicate ingredients of this milk, children from the age of 7 months can use it.

Those who want to have a nice, natural tan should also remember about appropriate protection from the sun. Sun lotions protect the skin against the harmful effects of radiation, but do not block it completely, and even help to speed up tanning and get a beautiful golden skin color thanks to cocoa butter content.

Specially developed oils are an alternative to sun lotions. Thanks to the content of natural oils with emollient properties, they lubricate and nourish the skin, while protecting it from sunburn.

Skin protection against the sun is also important in daily care. Solar radiation reaches our skin in the city also in winter, causing microdamage. People characterized by the light phototype, i.e. pale, very light complexion and light or red hair, are especially sensitive to sunlight. Thanks to daily sun protection consisting in the use of body and facial creams with SPF 20-30, the skin's youth and firmness can be maintained longer and discoloration and irritation caused by UV radiation can be avoided. For complete protection against solar radiation, Lirene laboratory developed a hydrolipid SPF 50+ IR facial cream, which contains a unique IR complex protecting the skin against infrared radiation that damages the skin cells' DNA.

When adequately protected against the negative effects of solar radiation, your skin will remain young for many years.

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