Sun protection for your family


More and more often I catch myself wishing for some clouds in the sky or dreaming of some rain. That’s why I decided to write about sun protection.

Sexy gadgets that look cool and, more importantly, protect you from the sun!

Let’s start with the fun part: who doesn’t like to play with accessories? It’s sheer pleasure! Since I cleaned out my closet, I have just a couple outfits and I appreciate the power of accessories even more. A chic or sexy hat is sometimes all you need to create a completely different look. And what’s essential: it protects you from harmful sunrays. Covering your head is crucial in the summertime. In the past I used to find it boring and unattractive, but now I love hats and all sorts of headwear. There is so much choice out there that you can find something to highlight your individual style and at the same time to help you protect your head and face — some of my hats are so big that they even cover my neck and arms :) I also like casual baseball caps. I have a few such pieces and I put them on depending on my mood: one day I pick one in toned down green, another day in intense pink to go with a vibrant lipstick — and I cheer up right away. Same goes with sunglasses. Good shades that actually shield your eyes against UV radiation are money well spend. It’s better to have one high quality pair of sunglasses than a few mediocre ones. Additionally, an interesting colour or a chic shape of sunglasses can pull an outfit together. Nothing but advantages.

You should also get yourself some workout headgear — a cap or a training headband. On sunny days I don’t go for a run without covering my head.

Good sunscreen is the key!

You can have all the gadgets in the world but there are no excuses when it comes to protecting your skin with good sunscreen. I know, I know, you want to get some tan and factor 30 or — God forbid — factor 50 sends all your dreams of sun kissed skin down the drain! But trust me, you will get your beautiful tan. It’s the same story as with dieting: pacing it down will give you long-term results. Our family uses only SPF 30 or 50 and we are all tanned. Even Nelka is not a pale, even though I rub SPF 50 into her skin and put a hat on her head every day. In turn, Rudzik, a typical gingerman, has got very fair complexion and freckles, and even having used high SPF he got some nice colour. And avoided painful sunburn, peeling skin and so on. I really recommend you to follow my advice here!

Clouds are no excuse

And last but not least, don’t let the clouds deceive you. No matter if the skies are clear or the day is overcast — rub in some sunscreen. In the summer it’s hard to predict the weather changes and it usually so happens that seemingly cloudy days end up with sunburns.

Now go and enjoy some good weather. But use your head — with a smashing hat on of course!

Anna Szczypczyńska aka Panna Anna