Cleansing is the first step towards beautiful skin


Coloured cosmetics, pollution and dust — everything that collects on your skin during the day should be removed before you go to sleep. Only then can your skin truly rest and regenerate.

A great majority of us uses a face cream every day. Unfortunately, statistics say we don’t pay that much attention to make-up removal. Remember that even the best cream won’t work if you don’t remove your make-up thoroughly before applying the cream.

Why cleanse?

During the whole day our skin collects a considerable layer of impurities. Face cream mixed with foundation, bronzer and powder, dirt and dust which settle on them, sebum and sweat naturally produced by your skin not only don’t look good but also provide ideal conditions for bacteria which cause acne. In simplest terms, if you don’t cleanse your skin in the evening, the epidermis doesn’t have a chance to rest or regenerate and your nighttime skin care ritual is not fully effective. On top of that your skin pores are clogged, which causes comedones and spots. So now we know why cleansing is so important in the evenings. What about the mornings? Your morning routine is again the time for proper cleansing. It pays off to find a couple of minutes to clean your face with appropriate products. During the night your skin produces sebum, which attracts impurities that need to be removed.

What products to use?

When you buy a skin care product, make sure you know the needs of your skin but also choose a product that has both cleansing and nutritional properties. Our experts from Lirene Science Laboratory prepared for you a line of cleansing products which combine the effects of cleansing ingredients and beneficial algae or hyaluronic acid. They remove all make-up residue and pollution as well as deeply moisturize and smooth your skin. Using them during your daily cleansing routine is a moment of pure pleasure and relaxation. It starts with meticulous make-up removal and washing off all the impurities and finishes with skin toning and applying face cream. Every day skin care is complemented by deep cleansing.


You should remove make-up from the area around your eyes using a make-up remover. Our 2-IN-1 MAKE-UP REMOVER contains a natural eyelash extension complex and make-up removal components. It removes water resistant make-up, intensely nourishes and adds length and boost to your eyelashes. Before use shake the bottle to mix the two liquids, then soak a cotton pad with the solution. Press the cotton pad against your eyelid for a few seconds and then wipe gently to remove the make-up. Turn the cotton pad around and repeat the operation to avoid leaving a greasy film on your skin.


To cleanse your face thoroughly, use physio-micellar gel, micellar solution, wash gel or cleansing milk. Physio-micellar gel with blue algae and gentle micellar formula leaves your skin deeply cleansed. The product can be used as micellar make-up removal gel without rinsing or a wash gel to be used with water. If you like to wash your skin using water, use a classic wash gel. If your skin is dry and sensitive, use gentle milk without rinsing with water.


Your everyday make-up removal and wash ritual may be supplemented with deep cleansing done once or twice a week using exfoliating products for your skin type or a professional cleansing set composed of wash gel and a brush. Spreading wash gel with a make-up removal brush will make skin cleansing 7 times more efficient! The brush spreads the product thoroughly and the gentle massage helps unclog the skin pores and enhance skin microcirculation.


Toner restores skin pH balance, which might have been disrupted after washing. It soothes, cleans, tightens and refreshes. Moisturizing toner with hyaluronic acid deeply hydrates your skin and creates a protective film which prevents water loss. It supports skin regeneration, soothes and reduces irritation, preparing your skin to absorb your favourite cream. To finish your beauty ritual, smooth the cream over your face and neck. Use the brush that comes with the professional cleansing set. Its massaging tip rubs the cream in your skin and leaves it luminous and soft.