Body scrubs – benefits and use


Perfectly smooth skin without any imperfections indicates that you look after yourself! To achieve this, proper skincare must be the focus. Not only do you have to have a regular skincare routine for it to be effective, it must also be based on cosmetics with properties tailored to the specific needs of your skin. Body scrubs are one of several skincare must-haves that should be used regularly, especially if you manage to find one that's well suited to your skin's requirements. How do they work and should be used?

What is a scrub?

A scrub is both a type of product and the name of a treatment performed using this product. It's known for its distinctive abrasive particles, which may vary in size depending on the type of product (coarse and fine scrubs). The ingredients also include moisturising and firming substances, nutrients, as well as cleansers (depending on the properties of the given product). Scrubs not only thoroughly cleanse the skin from various types of impurities, but also help remove dead skin, which makes it easier for nutrients in the cosmetics used in the next steps of your skincare ritual to penetrate into the skin's deeper layers. In short, if you use a scrub, all the beneficial substances contained in, for example, your balm, will have a chance to get deep into the skin, making the product even more effective.

Scrubs also help eliminate small lumps and other imperfections, restoring the skin's natural softness. When used regularly, they prevent ingrown hairs after hair removal, as they unblock hair follicles. If you choose a product containing active ingredients with an action adequate to the needs of your skin, you'll also intensify the results. To enjoy the effects, you should use a scrub systematically – at least once a week.

Lirene scrubs – choose your favourite!

The best scrub is one that's adapted to the needs of your skin – don't forget this when looking for the perfect product. Keeping in mind how different these needs can be, Lirene has prepared a series of scrubs with active, naturally sourced ingredients that help meet the requirements of all skin types. They include a salt scrub, sugar scrub and a firming scrub with mango extract.

The first one is the salt scrub with a sea mineral extract; it's perfect for anyone who's after in-depth skin cleansing. The product removes all kinds of impurities and dead cells from the skin's surface. Because it contains environmentally friendly exfoliating particles, it leaves the skin perfectly smooth and thoroughly cleansed. Applied using a gentle massage, it firms and tightens the skin very well. Enriched with sea minerals, the scrub is deeply nourishing and moisturising for the body, making your skin smooth and velvety to the touch.

Another Lirene scrub is the MoccaCaffe sugar body scrubThis is a product whose high content of natural ingredients, including cacao, guarana and ginger extracts, nourishes the skin, providing it with all the necessary ingredients. It's the perfect moisturiser even for very dry and sensitive skin, protecting it from drying out, and the smell of coffee stimulates the senses.

The third scrub is the Juicy Mango firming scrub, which contains mango wax and papaya extract. It carefully removes thickened areas, leaving the skin silky smooth and soft to the touch. Due to the high content of naturally sourced ingredients, it deeply nourishes the skin making it feel like you had a spa treatment at home.