In the summer give yourself a vitamin shot!


How to look after your skin so that it looks healthy, fresh and radiant? What to do to look young for as long as possible? Are there any tips to regenerate quicker and hide fatigue? Of course! There is one simple cure for all these worries: feed your skin with vitamins. Best from the inside and from the outside. Today I will share some of my healthy and useful tips with you.

Let’s be honest: it’s not easy to look fresh, radiant and full of energy every day. You want to feel fulfilled at work, surprise your husband with a delicious dinner, have time to talk to your kids and exercise a bit. Unfortunately, the day is only 24 hours. That’s why it’s worth giving yourself a vitamin shot every day. Vitamins will make you feel and look good again. Summer is the best moment to remember this. And why? Because in the next few months your kitchen can be full of fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables. From these you can create very simple and delicious meals that will quickly give you a new lease of life.

In the summer months our culinary options multiply and I love summer for that. Fresh fruit and vegetables help you prepare inventive and colourful salads, creamy and aromatic soups, smashing smoothies, oatmeals, millet porridges and desserts. Inspire yourself and let your imagination run free.

Today I will share with you my favourite ice cream recipe. With no fat or sugar whatsoever. It tastes like heaven and is ideal for hot days. You can play with the ingredients as you please and create your own recipes. My favourite fruit is raspberries.

  • They have been my weak spot since I was a child. As a little girl I picked everything that had the colour or flavour of raspberries. When I was a teenager my sweetheart said after our first kiss: “Your lips are so soft and sweet as raspberries.” So I am really fond of that fruit. You get it, right? ;) But let’s be serious now. Raspberries are the perfect fruit! Not only do they look, smell and taste great, but they are also low in calories (around 40 kcal per 100 g) and rich in metabolism-enhancing fibre and vitamins! It is primarily vitamin C, but also B-group vitamins and vitamin K. Raspberries make you feel full for long, that’s why they are great to add to your snacks. Unfortunately, as in the case of all healthy things, they go bad fast, but you can freeze them. Obviously fresh fruit contains most vitamins, especially if you eat it straight off the plant, but frozen raspberries (a few hours in the freezer will suffice) are an excellent dessert idea for hot days. Here’s a really simple recipe for my favourite raspberry sorbet.
  • Raspberry sorbet (for 2 or 3 people)

2 glasses of frozen raspberriessqueezed juice of 1 orange1/2 banana
Throw all the ingredients into a blender and that’s it, ready! :)

If you feel like a smoothie, add half a glass of water or squeeze in more juice. Don’t be afraid to play with the proportions of the ingredients!

And if you want to nourish your skin additionally from the outside, my choice is Lirene C+Dpro cream — this is what I always use before bedtime so that an early morning doesn’t show on my face the next day ;)