Looking after sensitive skin with dilated capillaries


What causes the problems of sensitive skin with dilated capillaries is not yet fully known. On the one hand, a tendency to “spider veins” may be hereditary — even in small kids we can see that the skin is fragile and the capillaries are very close to skin surface, almost showing through. On the other hand, development of dilated capillaries is greatly influenced by environmental factors, in particular sunlight.

High sensitivity of skin with dilated capillaries to environmental factors requires developing correct habits. Adequate sun protection is the key, both in the summer and in the winter. If you have sensitive skin with dilated capillaries, be careful when in the sun, always dress properly and use sunscreen. Avoid sun beds, sauna and long, hot baths.

Winter is a troublesome time for people with dilated capillaries. Wind and freezing or rapidly changing temperatures make skin problems worse. Additionally, indoor heating or fireplaces may further deteriorate skin condition in the winter.

Appropriate skin care regimen should first of all strengthen the epidermal barrier, which will protect the skin from environmental factors. When picking a skin care product, pay attention to its ingredients. To look after skin with dilated capillaries it is recommended to chose creams rich in components that will restore epidermal lipids and hydrate your skin. It is necessary to wear sunscreen to protect yourself from UVA and UVB radiation. Because skin with dilated capillaries is sensitive skin, all beauty products should be gentle to your skin and free of colour additives and fragrances, or the fragrance should be free of any allergens. Helpful active ingredients to look out for in creams are diosmin or cranberry, which are known to strengthen and tighten broken capillaries.

When taking care of skin with dilated capillaries pay attention to the beauty regimen itself. Wash your face with gentle milks or micellar solutions, don’t rinse it with warm or hot water and don’t wash your skin just before going outside. To exfoliate choose gentle enzyme peels.

Did you know that...?

  • According to dermatologists, dilated capillaries are a cosmetic defect rather than a skin condition. Appropriate diet is of great importance when it comes to looking after skin with dilated capillaries. You should eliminate hot dishes, alcohol, coffee and hot spices.Stress is one of key factors that can cause dilated capillaries to show.