Skincare in the shower


Daily hygiene isn't just a routine duty, but also a pleasure and an opportunity to regularly nourish and care for your skin.

You don't usually have time for a relaxing bath every day. A quick shower with the right cosmetics can also be an effective treatment that brings tangible benefits to your skin.

One of the advantages of having a shower is the ability to quickly cleanse the skin using running water that rinses your body and hair. We spend an average of ten minutes in the shower. So how can you properly care for your skin during this time? With the right products and simple treatments, it won't be difficult.

When taking a shower, wash your hair, then apply conditioner and let it work while you wash and care for the rest of the body.

To wash your face in the shower, try specially designed face cleansing gels with properties tailored to specific skin types. Remember, facial skin has different needs to that on the rest of the body, and you shouldn't forget about this when taking a shower. Avoid washing your face and body with soap, which is a strong detergent and dries out the epidermis.

The first thing you should try is massage, because it stimulates cell renewal, energises the body and allows you to remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and soft. Special gloves or exfoliating massage sponges let you perform a quick and effective scrubbing massage while applying your product. Massage gloves should be replaced regularly, and washable ones should be dried immediately after use and washed often at high temperatures to prevent the growth of bacteria. This is why ordinary bath sponges are slowly becoming obsolete. Some showers have special settings that change the intensity of the stream, which can also massage the skin.

Your choice of shower gel should depend on your skin type and needs. Avoid strong washing agents and substances that may irritate the skin, especially for dry and sensitive skin. A great choice is a combination of a gel with an olive or other skincare oil. Greasy cosmetic formulas allow you to cleanse your skin even more thoroughly while nurturing it and preventing it from drying out.

Developed by Lirene, the mango olive oil shower gel is suitable for all skin types. The mango wax contained in the product deeply cleanses, intensively hydrates, and strengthens the protective barrier of the epidermis. The Lirene mango olive oil shower gel allows you to look after your skin in the shower, leaving it moisturised for a long time. The protective layer that the gel leaves on the skin prevents the loss of water from the epidermis, which, with regular use, significantly improves the skin's condition. Additionally, the fresh, citrus scent has a refreshing and stimulating effect.

When showering, don't forget about proper intimate hygiene. We highly recommend you use a suitable intimate hygiene product suitable with a pH that won't disturb the natural bacterial flora, for example, something from the Lirene Lactima series, which features three types of intimate hygiene products suitable for different needs in these areas.

When rinsing yourself off in the shower, it's good to change the temperature of the water from cool to warm, which has a firming effect and improves circulation. This will reduce the risk of cellulite, make the skin firmer, and stimulate it to regenerate more intensively.