Daily body care is composed of several stages, thanks to which smooth and healthy skin can be enjoyed throughout the year. Cosmetics suitable for each skin type and its needs will ensure hydration, nourishment and protection against external factors.

The skin requires proper daily care. In addition to basic hygiene, appropriate preparations for thorough cleansing of the skin, exfoliation of dead epidermis, moisturizing and oiling of the body should be selected.

Bath and shower preparations should contain a large amount of nutrients to ensure skin care apart from cleansing. Lirene shower gels contain natural moisturizing and softening oils. The oils strengthen the protective barrier of the skin and inhibit excessive loss of water from the body. The beautifully scented gels leave the skin clean, smooth and nourished.

Skin hygiene is not everything – intimate places also require special care. The right pH, lactic acid and substances protecting delicate epidermis care for the good condition of intimate places, preventing their irritation and protecting them against bacteria.

Regular removal of dead epidermis is another important step in body care. The skin, even hidden under the clothing, may get excessively dry and keratinization may appear. This does not apply only to feet, although they require regular care and exfoliating procedures. The creams, scrubs and professional home treatments developed by Lirene will help you to fully take care of your feet, smoothing and softening them. Apart from removing dead cells, body peeling gels firm the skin and facilitate absorption of nutrients from other cosmetics.

After bathing, the skin should be hydrated each time using a cream or lotion corresponding to its particular needs. Certain parts of the body require special care due to the tendency to develop cellulite, stretch marks, excessive drying or abrasions. Body lotions developed by Lirene ensure comprehensive care for skin requiring special treatment. Anti-cellulite programs with a Chinese massage cup, a firming oil against stretch marks, recommended especially to young mums, regenerating, moisturizing and nourishing body lotions, as well as a skin-care mists – Lirene products offer a suitable form of care for each skin type. Ingredient formulations, plant extracts and care complexes specially developed by the Lirene Scientific Laboratory smooth the skin and provide it with nutrients.

Hands, exposed daily to external factors such as variable temperature, wind, rough surfaces, and irritants, also require moisturizing and nutrition. Beautiful and well-groomed hands are our business card – it is worth lubricating them several times a day with a moisturizing cream and taking care of them in a special way in your free time by using a professional home treatment in the form of gloves with a nourishing hand mask. The mask contains emollients, ingredients protecting the skin and strengthening the nails and the hydrolipid skin layer.

Well-cared and well-groomed skin looks beautiful when sun-kissed. UV radiation accelerates skin aging, but natural tan can be obtained with lotions and other bronzing and self-tanning cosmetics.

Cosmetics and preparations developed by Lirene offer comprehensive skin care, improving its appearance and condition on a daily basis.

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